Sunday, March 13, 2011

O Rescaldo (The Aftermath)

Hey guys, Jose here, it's been really exciting and hectic lately. I've had a lot of PM's, emails and Skype messages which I've been doing my best to get through. But with exams, Poker and the rest of my life it's been pretty stressful, especially because I want to give each message my full attention. So far I've received some hateful messages, some weird messages, but the majority has definitely been supportive and encouraging, and for that I am so grateful! :)

This is all pretty new to me, and I'm truly surprised by how much attention my story's been getting and how many things have been coming my way! I've done a couple interviews, one for pokerPT ( and another for pokergob ( and although I was really nervous for them I think they went ok, especially since the interviewers were very understanding, making me feel comfortable and at ease. I also did an interview on PokerStatic's Hot Seat ( , which was really exciting and fun, I thought Bret and EB did a fantastic job! :). In a way, it's sort of strange to me that people are actually interested in what I have to say, in the past it's always been me paying people to talk about Poker to me. :P It's certainly a refreshing change to talk to people who are actually interested in what I have to say!

The whole experience has just been really overwhelming, my family and friends can't believe they can Google my name and read all about this alternate life I have that they previously knew nothing about. A few shocked friends and family members have been calling asking how it's possible that they were unaware of my success. I've also had the unavoidable "If I give you $50, will you double it?" offers (mainly from school friends), to which I still don't really know what to say :P. It's also weird being in school and everyone knowing about it, I kind of expect it from my friends, but when my English teacher asks me if I'm winning or losing, it's just really strange and hard to know how to react. This thread and revealing myself to the world has somehow made me really happy though, like there's a weight off my chest. I feel more confident and yet I still can't believe it myself sometimes.

P.S. I've had a lot of requests for coaching as well as people asking me about how I got the most out of the coaches who I had. It's an interesting topic, so next time I'm going to write my thoughts on coaching in general, my personal experiences in coaching(both getting and giving), how to prepare for coaching sessions, and some stuff about my own coaching philosophy. Please be sure to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed and thanks a lot for reading :) Triple P... José signing out!


  1. BOAS

    SO para dar os parabens e keep it going!!

  2. Os meus parabéns e desejos de continuação deste percurso tão fantástico e cheio de sucesso! abraço

  3. hi girah!
    Congratz for all your achievements!
    I want to see you in the big tables on tv playing with the big poker guys!
    Portuguese Poker rules!!!

  4. you should get a visitors count, if your looking to use this a vehicle to get a site deal, they look for that. also put up a picture on your twitter and get a background made. you can make it your self or pay someone in the marketplace on 2p2 to do it. lastly increase your twitter followers, there companies on the net that will get you 25k for a couple hundred bucks. I wish you the best of luck!!! if you want any help doing any of that pm me on 2p2 kansaskill. glgl

  5. Hi José,

    I red your story on 2+2 and it really got into me. Not just because it's pretty ingredible but also since I'm also 18 and made like 300k with poker. I've been playing HU for like 1,5years now and now I'm at level 5-10 to 25-50. Have been taking some shots also to to 10k but I was tilted so that didn't end up too well. lol. Since you contacted loads of known players at your time getting better I was hoping you'd be also willing to do something similiar and give me few lessons/tips/anything? It'd be really great and obviously I'm ready to do what every it takes/ costs. I think we have loads in common.

    cheers man,


    ps. I tried to add you on skype but not sure if sent my message to right José (seems like there's tons of you guys! lol). If you have any intrest at all it'd be great if you add me samuli.sipila. Thanks

  6. Uau..Muitos parabéns José. Parece impossivel! Grande epopeia !

  7. HI triple P,

    Pls consider makng some videos. i think your coaching will be un affordable for most of us. a nl100 or nl200 video series where we can buy each vdo for say 50-100 would be awesome.

    i know a hu sng coach who used to do this. if you get 20 guys its hopefully worth your time as its 2k/hr. dont know if u make more than that but this is var free!

  8. Truly awesome and inspiring story. Good luck in the future - I hope you stick around.

  9. Jose,

    My name is Martin Derbyshire and I am the news editor with We would like to interview you for a story on the site. Please contact me at and let me know what is the best way to get hold of you this week.


  10. podes enviar me o teu mail para por favor?

  11. This is sooooo inspiring, TNX!!!!!

  12. Hi José! Have recently discovered "your story" and let me give you congratz!

    Hope someday I will have your method to study and play poker, because it really is necessary to have that kind of effort. Your an inspiration to everyone who thinks and breaths poker!

    For me it would be really nice to talk to you, so if you ever accept this invitation for a talk, I would appreciate!

    Continua assim rapaz! Um forte abraço de um português orgulhoso em ver outro na ribalta do poker! :)

  13. Keep it up Joes and I hope we'll see you around pokrgob again soon. I loved the interview and looking forward to hear more about your grinds. ;-)